state of me….

I’m 37.

it’s raining today.

Still pensive – questioning the whys and wherefores of my life. 

things are going well with Sam.  he helped me clean the house yesterday.  he likes to play Settlers (a game which I still need to see the *point* of…it is like Monopoly?  with hexagons instead of rectangles?  someone please help me.)

I’ve been spending more time with my mother since my dad moved away.  I guess I need family around to be happy.  this is otherwise good news.  

Sam is ready to move in and I’m not really sure – that’s a huge step for me.  I’ve always had my own place, even when I’ve quasi-lived with a lover.  someplace I could go to and be me…  personal alone time and yadda yadda. 

I still need to finish my Americorps application and start looking for jobs.  I would love another AmeriPosition.  AmeriJob.  I will need to get on that.  My mom is helping me with accountability.  (that’s a much nicer way of saying she’s nagging my ass.)

I think I will be subscribing to the weekend section of our local paper, the Spokesman-Review.  Not because it’s a great paper, mind.  I think the Inlander does a great job of keeping me informed on local issues.  I mostly want the Sunday paper and comics and the TV section.  *sigh*  by all criteria, the Inlander is a far superior paper.  I just want to read the paper on the weekends.  too much newspaper is almost always exhausting – making piles of "paper" and junk ads" and "the sports sections which I really don’t read," etc. etc.

SAM IS EATING MY TOAST and TELLING ME WHEN I CAN BE HORNY.  *sigh.*  boys are dumb.  (he’s also trying to make funnies.  which is okay.)