yet again, my friends were right…

not that you needed telling, especially,  and

but I just got off the phone with Sam, and he just blew up at me when I said that a couple of other friends were worried about him.

A:  “Yeah, we’ve (me, Grant, Abby) been really worried about you”
(sidenote:  Sam was friends with Grant and Abby before I met them all.  Sam used to live with them.)
S:  “Bullshit!”  (instant anger!)

A:  “No, really, we’ve been really worried about you!”

S:  “That’s bullshit because Grant hasn’t returned any of my phone calls or emails!”

A: “No, really.”

S:  angry posturing….

A: “Calling me a liar is not helping you know.”

S:  apology, plus more angry posturing.  then “I should go.”

A:  “yeah, you should..”

actually, in truth, Grant and Abby have each told me that they want to be friends with me despite the whole breaking up with Sam thing, AND, we had a little talk about Sam when they came over the other day.

(sidenote:  I had to invoke “The Aunt Lillian Rule” which is “you can only complain about so-and-so for fifteen minutes per day, then you move on.”  my mother invented the Aunt Lillian Rule back in the 80’s.  it’s a great rule.  end sidenote.)

We talked about him, all expressing concern, and then we actually prayed for him.  Right in my living room!  They’re Christians, and I am not really a Christian, but I’ve long believed in the power of prayer, good intentions, sending happy thoughts out into the universe etc.  I’ve been worried about him, falling off the wagon, falling off the sanity boat, etc.

We sat and prayed for Sam on the floor of my house, not three days ago!  and you tell me angrily that we don’t care about you, and that I’m a liar for saying so.  (I didn’t mention to Sam that we’d prayed for him.  I wasn’t sure if that would help or hurt.)

MAN!  the only similar situation remotely like this that I’ve had in the past is once in college, I dated this guy for about maybe two weeks, and people I didn’t even know came up to me and said “don’t date that guy.”  complete strangers.  it was strange.  like a “Bryan-watch:  Protecting the Innocent from Bryan Donaghy since 1990!”

but this – the holy host of folk who have said in one way or another, strongly, that this dude is bad for me?  it’s like WOAH.  maybe I should take all my friends to meet “PDA:  potential date material” and get a panel to approve of any dude who gets remotely close to me.


One of my friends, not on LJ, Richard, even said that I should watch out for the snippeyness, flashes of anger, etc.  Cause not soon after that is the hitting.  Which I do not want.  (My grandmother divorced my grandfather for domestic violence in 1945.  when my dad was four.  they didn’t even call it domestic violence then.)  it’s very triggery for me.

I dodged a bullet there, friends.  thanks for the love.  I just …. wanted to say thanks.