Let’s play screen caps!

yes. when I post with the angry nun it generally means I’m pissed off about something.

so. last night, I left you, flist, in moderate to mild distress about a certain MALE of the species, whose name is SAM and with whom I broke up… what? THREE weeks ago now?

the ever-awesome did my hair and makeup. and we gabbed and dished. whilst said hair and makeup was happening, Sam called twice and left a message saying that he’d be up late. ummm…. really? no apology? no "gee I was yelling at you and my anger is really misplaced because I’m …" whatever. let’s just pretend he’s that self-aware. he’s not.

so. I ignore his phone call, go to a party, play Settlers (oddly, his favorite game) PWN that shit and then go home.

SO. things that you need to know: I posted, mcfoo came up to hug me and fix it. and my hair and makeup. which as I have said, were awesome. Sam stopped drinking two years ago because he thought it was ruining his life. and. he’s passive aggressive.

when I check facebook this morning… I see him post various posts about how drunk he is.

the thing is – really – if it’s a message to me about “how I’ve fucked up his life so much now he’s drinking again.” that shit is so not gonna fly. no one makes you drink. you choose it. I know this really well (speaking as someone who has some trouble with drinking, yeah… It’s a choice.) anyway. it’s not gonna work.

stupid boys.

7 thoughts on “Let’s play screen caps!”

    1. hey! welcome back! I missed you a little bit…

      ummmm…. yes. I have dropped a buncha people on FB for that as well. I’m anna marie martin if you wanna friend me there!

      hope things are well for you!


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