kickin ass and takin names!!!!!

  • I finally got a hold of the ameri-lady and we figured out together why I wasn’t able to fill out forms online at the americorps website.  well.  we didn’t figure out what was wrong.  but we figured out how to fix it.  and we did!  (even though it took all day)
    • we found out that in order for me to enroll in my new program, I have to be exit-ed out of my current program.  which cannot happen until I’m done with my hours.  so next week. 
    • this means no americorps forebearance request which means I’ll have to pay a $202 sallie mae bill in september out of a smaller paycheck…
    • please repeat after me:  SALLIE MAE IS EVIL.  you can make it into a song.  
  • I had an international, transcontinental booty-call via facebook chat.  very strange.  fun, though.  the guy in question is from Ireland, in Ireland, and would like to visit…
  • I changed the strings on  ‘s acoustic guitar (it was all set for a left-handed person) and tuned it via the internet  grand fun.  I am so not even kidding here!!!  (any tips on how to tune instruments?  anyone?   I’m looking at you!)
  • ate mac and cheese for lunch. 
  • I’m thinkin about havin a beer and playin my newly-tuned geetar!

Rest in peace, Ted Kennedy.  I spent some time reading about him this morning.  it’s too sad.  but hopefully, america will rally and get a healthcare bill passed.  it would be great, think ye?