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I just saw the movie Pink Flamingos…

it is, without question, the most disgusting film I have ever seen.

my friend showed it at his house….  and I watched it with a couple of friends…  I covered my eyes a lot.  there was a sex scene with a guy, a woman, and a chicken.  maybe two chickens.  poor chickens.  oh and a sphincter dance.

I have to scrub my eyeballs now….


2 thoughts on “I just saw the movie Pink Flamingos…”

    1. yes. it’s all your fault. never leave me!!!

      (just kidding)

      ummm….. I have a few friends who really enjoy disgusting films. so they hang out on sundays…. I went over to their house and blamo! disgusting film.

      I don’t think I’ll be going back there…. I love this particular friend a whole lot. but I think I need to guard my psyche…


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