my new exercize machine from the early 1990s…

rescued from mom’s basement and set up last night be ME, extraordinairre… (I’m a plannin to work out today but my womanly monthly cramps might not enable me to do it for long….)

ETA: endorphins released, I feel much better than when I started. I think the stretching might have helped the cramps. awesome!


4 thoughts on “my new exercize machine from the early 1990s…”

  1. glide your way to tendinitis!

    man, I became so obsessed with the free gym at the children’s hospital–it made me want to move to Arkansas! well, a little bit.

    but I forgot I have metal parts and ow ow ow OW. I am intrigued to correlate your exercise to that lecture I attended. tell me if your opiod receptors are fulfilled via nordictrak more than church 😀


    1. I think it’s awesome that a hospital has a free gym. awesome.

      metal parts?

      are you a CYLON?????

      I just want to be healther. and I won’t lie. this is the most I’ve ever wieghed in my adult life. I peaked at about 230 pounds.

      now I’m closer to 218. I don’t want to be this heavy. but dieting brings its own amount of anxiety. I think I can trick my body with regular exercise.

      I have opiod receptors?

      wierd. I’m not really using them much… I mean, opium? really? what’s that made of? heroin? I stay away from drugs. I grew up in the 80’s. I just say NO.


      1. haha. you know:

        the thing that works when you GLIDE GLIDE GLIDE your way to health! or go shopping! or do a line off a toilet seat at a party!

        apparently this Prof was interested that while chimps will smoke and drink allllllll day, they did not react to ingesting hallucinogens like those found in mushrooms. we OBVIOUSLY do, and he posited that this is a divergent behavior that favors our evolutionary response towards religious behavior. and DAMN the guy was convincing, and credible in that he didn’t have a ponytail 😉

        he even talked about 2006 studies at John Hopkins where subjects who were administered the psychoactives in mushrooms were demonstrably more altruistic than the placebo group. therefore the shamanistic religio behaviors were important in community. and religion is probably one of the reasons why we can have such large, functional societies as people which chimps and apes cannot maintain.

        can you tell I was totally taken by this lecture?!?

        the moral of this story: puff paint over your DARE shirt to say “just say NO to non-organic drugs!”


      2. funny. very funny – what?

        ummmm… that is kinda interesting. I didn’t really understand the question before. (I was probably skimming instead of thoroughly reading with an eye toward nuance… my apologies.)


        I didn’t really notice the nordic trackking was particularly “experience” enducing. what I DID notice is that my bone-crushingly awful, I want to stay in bed all day and never speak to a human being again, menstrual cramps were gone. poof!

        I think you can be credible and have a pony tail in some sciences – but you’d better not be BALD and have a pony tail. that’s just fucked up.

        I think that religion has served a purpose, many purposes actually, over the years. when we were hanging from trees and running from lions (et al), there were folk tales to explain “why things are they way they are.”

        any group asserts its own norms (this is why being a teenager is so hard in america).

        religion – god – feh. I don’t really have the energy to talk about this stuff this early in the morning. I need my second cup of coffee and/or sunset and a beer. then we’re good.

        😛 tell me more about this guy…


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