as of today… well, yesterday, really…

I don’t have health insurance.

This thought just hit me as I was outside, smoking half a leftover cigarette.  I know, gross, right?  I want to be a non-smoker and I have tapered down to four a day.  my last pack finished yesterday.  I finished my last pack yesterday.  I am very committed to becoming a healthy breather.

I have many things to do today, not the least of which is to harass the lady over at SNAP who is in charge of the VISTA program and make sure she knows that I want to start my job post-haste.

I have been trying to connect to, which is a budget-tracking website.  but it won’t connect to my credit union, which is a non-profit organization AND which I joined after my former bank, washington mutual, got bought out from chase.  sketchy.  my new credit union is a non-profit!  (which recverse $50 of overdraft fees for me yesterday.  three in one day.  fuck.)

echoes of George Bailey passionately shouting, "but, Mary, your money is in Bill’s house!!!  and if we just take care of each other, we can get through this!!!  do you really want everything to be owned by Potter!!!???"  or the like.

it would be kind of awesome if there was a crossover fic between It’s a Wonderful Life and Harry Potter.  Harry Potter (or perhaps in this case, Voldemort) could be the EEEEVVVIILLL Mr. Potter, desperately hanging on to all his money and hating every minute someone else gets ahead.  huh…

I had a great idea for another crossover fic.  or maybe it was just a mockery.  Larry Botcher and the Bludgeoning Rock:  you bludgeon someone with the rock, and instead of dying, they get smarter.  I suppose you would have to hit them in the head.  if you bludgeoned their shoulder, maybe they would have a great throwing arm.  which would mean baseball players of all kinds would seek it.  could also have crossover possibilities for Jesus and the stoning of the lady in John 8.

which is one of my favorite bible stories, trufax.

my house is a mess.  my bills are a mess.  I get one more paycheck WOOT! from the previous job with americorps and the fig tree.  I found out monday that my former boss mary went ahead and applied for an americorps position.  which is to say – she didn’t want me to re-up.  which kinda stings.  but I’m in a much better place job-wise, IF I COULD EVER START!!!!!!!

feh.  and feh.  and feh.

I want to go to Portland on Friday or Saturday to go see Christian Kane.  but fuck it.  I’m not sure if I can afford it.  and it would cost $150-200.  that’s all.  split it with mcfoo, who has some cashflow problems (e.g. some damn office flunkie fucked up her last paycheck FROM JULY and she’s kinda hurtin…) 

and FEH.  blasphemy may follow:
truth be told.  although it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the drive over to Portland, I might not really want to see Christian Kane again.  Steve Carlson was HOT as ever, and he might be my new man-crush.  the thing is – really – I did not expect to see Christian as bombed as he was, and I lost a lot of respect for him.  I still like his voice – great baritone.  I still like his music.  I still think he’s pretty to look at.  but damn.  he was really drunk.  I was thinking that the bedroom eyes he made at the tall skinny blonde was the thing that made me kinda not like him so much.  but no.  it was the fact that he was stumbling drunk.  (curse you tall skinny blonde!) 

this from a drinker of whiskey myself.  and I’m trying not to be a judgmental alcoholic.  but damn.  it’s like seeing your hero’s underpants with disgusting track or blood stains.  they’re supposed to be better than us because they’re famous.  hell, celebs are the new pantheon.  I’ve been saying this for years.  I even had a few whiskeys that night.  which I mostly danced off/sweated out/drained with lotsa water because I was driving and it was my mom’s car….  I needed to be responsible.  but do I want to spend $150 minimum to go see someone who, the last time I saw him, I was very unpleasantly shocked by?  I could go to see Steve.  I don’t know…

ummm….  it just seems like there are some obstacles to my immediate happiness. 

but I did get two t-shirts from the awesome event for my new job yesterday (I wore one and stole an extra one) and they are made from organic cotton and awesome!  I know the guy who makes them (wrote an article about it in the fig tree which is as of yet, unpublished).  he’s a great guy.

the event was a fundraiser for my new organization, Community Minded Enterprises.  after it was over I helped clean up and had a lovely conversation with another VISTA who works there and who is generally awesome.  (shout Gabe!)  and the executive director noticed that I was kind of lost, not knowing where my cubicle was going to be set up, and made a point of walking me around until he found the person who will be my new boss.  and making sure I was taken care of.  for an exec-dir to do that?  wow.  it was awesome.  most of them have their offices in the back of the floorplan, but his is up front.  you have to pass him before you get into the rest of the offices…  which is also cool, I think.  I’m really excited to start there…  please paperwork!  we’ve done the hard part!  this should be easy! 

my new boss doesn’t want me to start until all the paperwork is ready.  she doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot.  and she is working with the HR lady to develop a week’s worth of orientation for me.  which is also awesome, except that it’s not ready yet.  obstacles… 

and I miss  who is off in seminary, not posting about it.  it’s not so much that he’s gone off to chicago.  it’s just that he’s not around.  and he started dating this awesome woman before he left, so I didn’t see nearly as much of him over the summer as I would have liked….

it’s just …  well.  stupid boys.

I think I will go hit the nordic track and get all sweaty and then do some cleaning.  or clean then trackit!  I have to get off my ass and away from this computer or I will rant more with the rantyness of rant.