so my computer has a virus

the ever awesome is trying to fix it.

when I got up this morning and went downstairs to see what had happened lately on the shiny internets, I found that my keyboard didn’t work.  I kept trying to login, and crazy things happened.  my "a" key did nothing, as well as other keys doing things they weren’t supposed to… I was sad.

I tried to see what had happened, and of course I couldn’t make anything work, cause the keyboard didn’t work.  happens that my mom has a spare laptop, which is new defragged and newly firefox-installed.  life is good.  but I couldn’t check my email and find out if the paperwork snafu had been cleared up yet… 

so.  what has happened lately on the shiny interwebs?

I hope everybody had a good day.  the lady from HR called and said she hadn’t heard from the other woman who is in charge of my paperwork for americorps.  *grrr* but she told me that since it was thursday afternoon and tomorrow is a holiday weekend, she didn’t think anything would happen until the long weekend was over.  


should I go to portland this weekend?  see KANE? 

it would be expensive, what with gas and perhaps lodging.  but it would be awesome if I could go. 

failing that?  more naps.  I rented a few movies from the library, and I will probably watch them.

I tracked it for about 15 minutes today, then cleaned a bit and threw old papers out and moved some stuff upstairs.  so the living room would feel less crowded.  I will probably clean more tomorrow.

kind of a boring day.  but all is well.  🙂