do you ever feel the need to mock people? are you ever entertained by singles ads?

if so, this post is for you!!!!

remind me why I’m single again?  oh….  THIS:

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AM I too picky? – 41 (spokane)

Date: 2009-09-07, 2:44AM PDT

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Simple guy looking for simple lady. I know you are out there but I think you are as leery of the craigslist thing as I am. But fact is fact I am not getting any younger and I am tired of spending the evenings alone all the time.

Just to give me faith let me know, cause this shit is ridiculous!
I take care of my responsibilities, so I am not looking for a mommy for my child or a maid for myself. I am not looking for a someone to come into my life and take over. nor would I ever try to take over your life. I do not enjoy fighting, so talking is the only way to work things out. face it a relationship anymore is no different than a job. if you enjoy what your doing or who you are with then who the hell cares? It is not like you have to give a two week notice to leave. If you believe that flowers or cards are a way of me saying I screwed up, then you will never know the real me. I am known for helping whenever asked so at times you must be okay with that. I have a problem with alcohol, I don’t drink it and can’t stand it (It just seems to flip a switch in peoples brains,ranging from stupid to utterly stupid). I eat to live I do not live to eat. if I eat 1 solid meal a day that is good for me. that may change in time but I doubt it. The television just makes noise, sometimes it gets my attention but again that is boring sitting alone. movies are no where near as enjoyable. below is a list of things that i find important wow i guess i am a little picky

1.Honesty is an absolute must.* have to be thin to below average in size.*
3.speak your mind but don’t be rude *
4. If your looking for a sugar daddy please look elsewhere.*
5.If you feel you are drop dead gorgeous again please look elsewhere.*
* Let me apologize in advance if i may offend anyone with what i say.
What I have to offer wow here is a quick list.
me. **
**(would include all baggage, a heart that would belong to only you, the security of knowing that inflicting any type of pain whether emotional or physical is never an option. )
please note: my financial liabilities are and will remain my responsibilities.
will send pics after a few emails. (still not sure this will even work and not willing to put my pic out there for everyone to laugh at. Lol.)
( I will not send pics of my genitalia,you cannot base a relationship on it, so please don’t ask)
If you would like to learn more please feel free to ask.
thanks for reading and good luck in your search.
just had to add this other one….

For the luva god!!! – 20 (Valley)

Date: 2009-09-04, 11:38PM PDT

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So this is the 5th time posting.

Every other time I have been stalked by some fat nasty crazy person!

This isn’t necessarily a dating post.

I’m just wondering if anyone searching for guys on CL are halfway good looking.

4 thoughts on “do you ever feel the need to mock people? are you ever entertained by singles ads?”

    1. I don’t want someone to lie to me at all!

      I just think singles ads are funny. they have these “standards.” things you would never say to a live person that you met in a happenstance fashion (e.g. “hey! you’re too fat!!!”)

      that’s true. you can’t help preferences. I’ve dated tall, short, chubby, skinny, hairy, and non-hairy guys… I guess if I had a physical preference it would be “pretty boys” – hunka hunka burnin love types. but if a person’s real – real. that’s just as well.

      I just think it’s strange. maybe I have a warped sense of humor is all…


  1. Meh, I’d veto CL and try one of the dating websites instead. direct may not be all that great but they re definitly less skeevey.

    Desperate times counted for desperate measures here. I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy, the message made me facepalm.


    1. sometimes I just like to read the singles ads on CL for the entertainment value. cause really? funny. not in a good way. in a self-righteous kind of way. (yeah the messages made me facepalm as well. that’s why I reposted them: for the entertainment value…)

      I have tried eharmony,… I’ve met interesting people but it was a while ago, I suppose. maybe I should re-up. it just kinda sucks I think.

      I think I’ll just veto dating! 😛


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