waiting… it feels like being unemployed!

so yeah.  no word from anybody about the paperwork on my job.

I don’t even know what paperwork has to be filled out.  I know it should all be done through the americorps website (which, is totally shite) but really. 

so I can’t start my new job and it’s a holiday weekend and nobody will call me back.  I *want* to be That Girl who calls 8 times a day, leaving increasingly harried messages, begging for a callback.  but since everybody hates That Girl, I am restraining myself.

just wanna start me new job!!! 
so I can:

  • be employed
  • have health insurance
  • have something to frakkin DO from 9-5, preferably something meaningful, or intelligent, or happy
  • fill out the forms for my student loans so they can get back into forbearance. 
  • meet new people!  (and kill them!   metaphorically, with my grace and charm!)
  • stop cruising facebook and livejournal like a person who is starved for news.  I don’t think it’s healthy.
  • be less worried about money.

so I worked out today, even though my nose was running like a champ and my allergies are acting up.  then I took a shower, and dried my hair, then I took a nap.  I’m feeling a little bit better. 
so it’s been a week, since I was supposed to start.  the luncheon at which I volunteered was really great.  but this sitting around on my ass waiting all day and taking a nap whenever I want (whether or not it’s the weekend!) is starting to grate a little bit on my nerves.
and my real computer is still virus-ridden and I’m still borrowing my mom’s computer.  which is nice, but not MINE… so maybe I can fix that today.  scrub the whole thing…  many documents will be lost.  but it’s some stuff that I downloaded from the internet and some stuff that I could probably do without anyway…

but the lolcats?  I will cruise the cheezburger site and laugh… 

I’m thinking of watching Dollhouse.  just because I’m bored.  halp!!!