one more reason to hate the fashion industry… (not that you needed one)

salient quotes:

Anand Jon Alexander, known professionally as Anand Jon, has achieved a certain kind of success since moving to America from India: his clothes have been worn by Paris Hilton, he has appeared on America’s Next Top Model.

Then, last week, he was sentenced to 59 years in prison, having been found guilty of 16 counts, including sexual battery and performing lewd acts on a child. In other words, Alexander, 35, had for many, many years been raping models who worked for him, some of whom were only 14 at the time. These 16 counts only relate to charges in California – he is still awaiting similar charges in Texas and New York.

The fact that all these efforts have come from models as opposed to the outside media (which gets too distracted with painting models as evil fem-bots and harbingers of eating disorders to see them as underpaid homesick teenagers), suggests maybe people find the idea of models making them feel fat more upsetting than the very real fact of models being raped.

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    1. yes. maybe I should post more about media!fail. it’s a problem in america… yeah. I hated to coverage of OMG DEAD GUY. (I couldn’t even pick one: MJ, Ted Kennedy… )

      feh. just wanted you to know….


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