I should be happier…. I suppose

so after all the angsty DRAMA I will start Thursday.

I’m happy.  I’m grateful.  I’m exhausted.  and … I’ve just spent the last hour watching the season finale of Dollhouse.

I think Joss Whedon is one of those crazy kinds of geniuses.  the kind who is crazy. 

but still a genius.  oh Alpha:  I heart you with big hearty hearts.  even though you would take a blade to my face.  Alan Tudyk is also a genius, but hopefully not violently crazy like his character…  his role in Death At a Funeral – it kills me ded just thinking about it.  that movie hilarious, trufax.

so much needed exposition.  so much squicky sexual assault issues.  so much discussion of the concept of CONSENT.  which is huge.  I heart consent.  with huggable joy.  I might have to go read Dollhouse meta.  Because I’m sure it will be interesting.  although – I must say, given the last episode – I think it will become kind of an homage to Terminator:  Sarah Connor Chronicles.  because destroyed universe?  check.  rise of the machines?  check.  feh.  it certainly would make some interesting crossover fic…  (hint hint)

but still, it is/was diverting and I very much needed to be diverted after today. this morning.  and the zombie apocalypse it was… 

hugs you all, flist. 

2 thoughts on “I should be happier…. I suppose”

    1. thank you my darling. I appreciate your support…

      ummm…. dollhouse season two? date? one of our DVR’s? I will admit you have a more comfortable couch. but your house is impossible to find.



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