fight racism with bingo!

I posted about this because I was really frustrated about my inability to catch immediately some of the racist tropes and themes which have become ever-more-pervasive in american "discourse," (which I have to put the word "discourse" in quotes, cause… yeah).

so…  the first post is my original question, which includes some useful links about racism and discussions about racism in politics these days.  the second post has some responses which would be great to include in a card. 

I wanted to cross-post because some of you, my flisties, might not be members of  , which is a really good place to ask questions and have some discussions in a learning-friendly environment. 

I know there are a lot of things happening in america these days which are troubling folk, and not all of it is actually racism.  but some of it is, and I just thought maybe a tool of some kind would help me and other people be quicker of the uptake about this sort of thing. 

there’s an interesting article about this by Jim Wallace, who is founder of Sojourners, which is a blog about "faith, politics, culture."  (In case you’re thinking "religious wingnut," Jim Wallace wrote God’s Politics:  Why the Right Gets it Wrong and The Left doesn’t Get It. , which is more or less a politically inclusive free-for-all critique.)

article by Jim Wallace:

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