note to self:

dear me:  I really hate myself when I wake up in the morning hungover.

please to fix that, thanks.

(also – mcfoo – maybe I’m, less okay with stranger living in our house for a few days than I thought.  hopefully, the house can be alcohol-free the next few days…)


ETA:  mcfoo – we’re okay… 

"I think you’ve hit the snooze button enough."

2 thoughts on “note to self:”

  1. I don’t do hangovers, but my body is doing the abandon ship thing this morning. My friends and I stopped by our neighborhood casino for coffee, and 3 hours later we got kinda hungry.

    So while they trekked to the food court I detoured into the TGIF for some fried green beans to go. And then I noticed the cheap daily drink specials and GRAPE! I LOVE ARTIFICAL GRAPE FLAVOR! WOOO!

    Since the bartender had to put it in a styrofoam cup instead of a martini glass, I basically got 120z of grape vodka with a splash of lime. I had trouble sitting up straight through dinner… but since we talked several more hours I was able to walk to the car.


    1. damn. we were separated at birth.

      that’s the only explanation.

      it just feels kinda crappy and sucky. It’s kind of lather rinse repeat – dislike myself in the morning, get kinda together enough to get to work, work, have dinner maybe, start drinking, go to bed.

      no fun. plus we have a guest in our home for the week…

      and I was talking about really difficult stuff with both parents (separately, of course) and it just felt like the thing to do… anyway. I’m my worst enemy when it comes to that stuff cause who goes to the liquor store? ME.

      anyway. I’m gonna get back to work…

      thanx fr teh luvs.


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