dear respective inventors of clam chowder and breadbowls:

I love you, thank you for your genius, please to get in my pants so we can makey great babies and/or beautiful music together!  kthnx.

I had lunch at Isabella’s the restaurant adjacent to the Hotel Saranac, which, as we have previously discussed, used to be a brothel.  MIGO, Mme. Isabella, Ghost Of, was conspicuously absent.  unless you count the table being kinda broken and wobbling at strange points, which I do not.  a lovely dining experience, all around.  NOM NOM SOUP!!!!!

Life at OSL was dominated by meetings today.  I met with this awesome 19-year old activist about the Youth Sustainability Council which is under the OSL umbrella.  She was awesome and we talked for about an hour more than I thought we would.  oops.

the YSC is a new venture of OSL, and it needs some start-up capital and some partnerships to keep the ball rolling, so I’m looking forward to connecting her with people, businesses and orgs which can be helpful to the YSC.  truly amazing stuff, honest.

then Resource Development meeting, in which my Tall, Austere, Direct, Blue-Eyed Boss sat next to me.  TADBEB is a good guy all around, but we have really different working styles.  I hope we can work through it. 

I swear, militaries and non-profits just come up with all kinds of anagrams.  good times. 

TADBEB is a good guy.  I think he’s less intimidating when you sit next to him – you don’t have to look at him being all Austere if he’s next to you.  note to self.

so mcfoo and New Temporary Roomie kept me company last night and NTR is a really good guy.  mcfoo has the hots for him.  which only affects me because it’s kind of adorable to watch.  like fuzzy kittens falling off the couch together.  (my sincerest, mirth-filled apologies for saying this aloud.)

I finished a scarf for mcfoo, which is TEAL!  no really, it’s bright and long, and it ribs nicely.  I’m thinking more expensive yarn, tho.  cause the cheap stuff decays pretty quickly. 

ummmm….  that’s all.  my daily headache from the LIGHT!  started at about 10:30 this morning, so I’m kind of blathery and exhausted.  but happy.  We’re going to go grocery shopping later because we’re kind of out of a few things and my friend from OSL (the one of the rumor-mongering, see 2nd previous post) grew some tomatoes and a HUGE zucchini so I think I’m going to throw it in the ummm…  food processor thing and make about 18 loaves of zucchini bread.  I’ll try to take a pic and post it online.  the zucchini is HUGE!  good times. 

hugs!  glee tonight!

oh mcfoo…  I hear you giggling.  it’s kinda precious.