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    1. me too… my dad’s out there in georgia and she’s getting signed into hospice today.

      she has about a two week prognosis. they didn’t catch it early enough.

      I’ll be going to another funeral pretty soon, here I think.

      if you wanna get the seminarians praying, I’d appreciate it a whole lot. it’s my dad’s sister Edna, my aunt.



  1. My 20-something friend in the hospital with pneumonia got his test results yesterday. he has HIV. and most likely not from the whoring with the mens. sigh.

    but instead of being angry and sad I keep making him laugh and plying him with fashion rags and Halloween Candy.

    I don’t know what I was going to say. There was a really bad sitcom like Boy Meets World that had an episode where Seany was smoking and he found out his Uncle was dying of lung cancer and he said all he wanted was to smoke, so I found your post unintentionally funny. but life is mostly like that


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