happy halloween!

things with my aunt are better.  her pain is managed.

she has a two-week prognosis.

so I will likely be travelling to Georgia in the near future.  I’ve been told there are lovely AA meetings in georgia.  and that if I ask, someone might accompany me to the events, which would be a big blessing.  especially if my brother greg, with whom I am not speaking… decides to come.

who the hell knows?

they are supposed to move her to hospice today, so I will update when I know anything else.  thanks so much for the love and support.  I feel it!

hugs, anna

3 thoughts on “happy halloween!”

  1. Safe travels to this corner of the world when you do. I hope you can come when it’s better for YOU to be there–whether that’s before, during, or after–and find the extra support you need.


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