out from in absentia

yes my dears, I haven’t posted in a while.

my apologies.

life at One Sustainability to Live! is coming apace. I "wrote" (and by wrote I do, in fact, mean "cut and pasted the hell out of a previous document") my first grant yesterday. it wound up being four pages. totally. for $35,000. I have no idea if we’re going to get it or not, but I feel like our chances are good.

it’s another one of those things that you don’t recognize the end product because you went through so many drafts, and then there was your boss who edited the #$%!! out of it, which is probably for the best. there’s also missing boilerplate which I would love to find. which is to say, it’s somewhere, out there, in the shared drive. I don’t know where to find it though.

anyway. I’m kind of enjoying a leisurely day here at work, criminally posting (well, criminally is a bit too strong… how about "doing something I’m not really supposed to be doing.") because I’ve been absent from here for a while.

first of all, there was a snafu with my computer which made it unavailable to me for a long time. it’s almost fixed. I bought a shiny new 80gig hardrive for it, but I haven’t been able to schedule the transfer with the IT guy, so my laptop at home is still slow….

second of all, there was the funeral, travelling, and thanksgiving. I really have had a hard time lately, getting back, adjusting to the daily grind, after being absent from it for awhile. I really loved seeing most of my dad’s side of the family again. they’re a rowdy bunch and fun to be around. and t-bird day with my dad was great. we hung curtains, played cards, watched movies, and I slept till noon almost every day. felt like a lazy person… but I needed the sleep.

third, work has been really lovely – I’m happy to have a job, etc etc. and it’s also been busy, so that when I leave my desk at work, I don’t wanna stare at another computer screen for any reason whatsoever. even to keep up with friends. also, I have another Ameri-training in Salem, OR next week. feh. it’s my PRE-service orientation. as in, it’s supposed to happen before you start!!! ummm… I started in September. yeah. I think that’s normal, though.

fourth, facebook is shorter and sometiems easier and I just … GAH!

I’m still single. thinking about whut? maybe being a parent. I think I’d make a good mom but my own mother has always said "marriage first." ummm… I really don’t wanna be a turkey baster-mom, but the fellas are not really standing in line to mate or date me.

and I’ve been *warm* lately, which of course, makes me worry I’m going through "the Change." I’m too young to be a Crone. although Crones are awesome. I still want my Lilith tattoo. I compromised by purchashing the "Lilith" fragrance from BPALS. oh, nom. I also drew a picture on my wall in my room. it’s got some flaws, but I mostly like it.

anyway. things are swimming along, major changes afoot. I’ll write about them as they come up but expect shorter posts. I have a lot to do.

as always, my silence does not mean I don’t love and/or care about my friends. I just have to go into my cave from time to time.

hugs, nanner

4 thoughts on “out from in absentia”

  1. Do you have a male friend who you adore and who would make a great dad? Why not fling it and share that? Then, if you’re already stuck on being friends, at least you know he won’t run off and break your heart!


    1. ummm… no not really. I don’t know any guys who would make great dads. who I’d wanna… you know…

      but perhaps this is a good thing. maybe the universe has something in store for me who knows?

      how’s things in your world?


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