go crazy with the Cheese Whiz!

what, my friends, is up with the 365 messages in my inbox about everyone and these VIRTUAL GIFTS?

did I miss something? clearly. was it EPIC? most likely.

luckily, it was most likely not the zombie apocalypse, so … whew!

the americonference has actually been more fun than I thought it would be. great people, kind of boring classes. I’ve really met some amazing people who are awesome and kind and smart and funny. of course, I’m a gem so they would say the same about me. har har yuk yuk.

some of the interactive stuff was more interesting than the "teaching moments." and, once again, I am reminded that this is just an overview. a bibliography. if I really need to learn something, I should go to the damn library. right now, I am skipping "rights and responsibilities" because I need some personal alone time. dayam. it’s been busy. I don’t really like being this busy. I need more "play time" in my schedule.


hope all is well with you, my dears. I’m kind of exhausted and happy to be coming home tonight.

and I will leave you with this note from the beyond:

What one little thing could you do today, anna, within your means and your comfort zone, that would make you feel like a supercoolhappylovething?
Get down on it, The Universe
The road to paradise, anna, is made up of little steps, on a mostly dirt path, with earwigs and moss scattered about, guarded by a few armadillos and the occasional lonely pine, beautified mostly with wild dandelion flowers and dusty moths, within earshot of crickets that have no concept of when they should actually be singing. But hey, we’re talking about the road to paradise….

an earwig is a bug or a plant, right?

6 thoughts on “go crazy with the Cheese Whiz!”

  1. one night on the chainsaw crew we had the luxury of camping on the floor of 50s era park bungalows during a thunderstorm, the VISTA sistas apologizing about the earwigs.

    normally I’m okay with those creepy crawlies, but I was woried ‘ear’ was in that name FOR A REASON. cuz they are small, black, milepedy wormy things that could SO squiggle down my ear canal *GULPS*

    but my road to paradise literally IS guarded by armadillos–cuz it’s the I-10. I fucking miss New Orleans.


    1. hey!

      when I was a girl I saw the star trek movie ‘wrath of kahn.’ in it, Ricardo Montoban (who is kind of scary enough as it is-just by himself, without trying extra hard) puts this bug in the ear of someone, and it goes to their BRAINS and stuff. an then they die. I was terrified that would happen to me – MY WHOLE CHILDHOOD.

      yeah. I totally understand. sleeping with earmuffs in the middle of summer cause they’re not gonna get ME!


      I’m glad the armadilloes guard your road to paradise. I’d have to think about it. maybe my road to paradise isn’t guarded. maybe it has its own deceptive tricks. like the yellow brick road.

      oh and musical numbers.


  2. So, for some hours a few days ago, the Snowflake Cookie Virtual Gift was free. People started sending them to everyone they had ever heard of. LJs comment notifications shut down in terror. They finally started working again, and now LJ is re-sending out the notifications that didn’t get sent originally when they were supposed to.


    1. oh. thanks.

      I figured it must be something like that. I tend to freak out a little bit if the number of new emails in my inbox is greater than… ooh… 15? maybe 20 – so I kind of had some apoplexy about the HUGE-ITY of the number… lovely. thanks for letting me know. 🙂


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