Brief Statement of Faith, for a job application that I emailed today

CommunityCompassion and kindness are more important to me than dogma. Having studied each, the former seems to me more useful than the latter. I have arrived at this conclusion after much consternation, as well as many interdenominational travels.

I do believe in God, and I do believe that God interacts in this world through people and events, through signs and wonders. I believe in an open canon, and that theological reflection must consider lived experiences in conversation with scripture, tradition, and culture.

I am troubled by the injustices in the world, by unjust domination systems, governments, and corporations that act without concern for the human beings in them. I am troubled by people whose concern for their fellow human being is trumped by greed, addiction, lust for power, and domination. I lament that people do not treat each other with more kindness – even when I do this.

I believe in the human spirit, informed by hope, healing, and grace. I believe that people are meant for community; that it is in community where we reach our highest potential. I believe that, in community, we are made whole, because we learn to love each other, despite of or because of our foibles. I believe in forgiveness. I believe that community is where we work out our own salvation, and that when we do this well, all are fed, all have meaningful work, all are valued.