Tom Petty was right…

The waiting is the hardest part.dr martens black patent leather mary janes

I interviewed for the Executive Director of a small non-profit organization this morning.

!!! It was really exciting – and I hate to say this out loud, but I acted like such a grown up!

There’s this thing, called “Impostor Syndrome,” where women feel like they don’t belong in positions of power, or conversations where life-changing shifts happen. I feel this way when I wear a business suit. Even a pants suit. Maybe just a blazer that is less comfortable than a jean jacket, and “slacks.”

Can I explain to you how much I hate the word “slacks”? It just makes me shudder. *EW*

Dress pants. And I did wear my Doc Martens black patent leather Mary Janes, which may in fact be the coolest shoes ever

And a dress shirt, a blouse, which is a word I also hate. Blouse, and slacks! UGH. Can’t I wear jeans and a t-shirt? and flip-flops? Seriously, it’s summer, people.

Anyway – I prepared for this interview by interviewing an Executive Director of a different non-profit organization, a person for whom I have profound respect and admiration. She has really taken this organization and given it new life, new energy, and new directions.

I also prepared by studying the crap out of the organization where I interviewed – they had a website which had Comic Sans font when I first looked at it, back in April. *shudder* Also, their “latest news” pages had two-month old news…


They called. I didn’t get it. Let the despair begin!

My plan is to: watch True Blood, go to bed early, redouble my efforts tomorrow.

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