my brain is full

So, I’m here at the Seattle Interactive Conference, with the goal of going from Total N00b to Intermediate Wizard of the Internet.

my brain is full
Gary Larson is a genius.

So far, it’s been a really amazing and positive experience. My only complaint is that I forgot my phone charger at home and had to plunk down $15 + tax to buy a crappy USB cable (charger wall unit sold separately) from the AT&T store on 3rd and Pike.  GAH!

Anyway – the first speaker was Mike McGinn, Mayor of Seattle, and he spoke about how the motto from the World’s Fair held here 50 years ago was “City of the Future.” Basically, he said, they made it so. (I appreciate the Star Trek Next Generation reference.)

The Conference opener was David Shing, who talked way fast and with an Australian accent. His title is “Digital Prophet.” Who has that as a job title???

… Tuesday, Oct 29 2013 – silly of me, really, to think I would have energy to blog after a long day of filling my brains with STUFF and KNOWLEDGE and to be honest, I’m totally out of my depth here. 🙂

Be home tomorrow, looking forward to decompressing all this knowledge. More then.