Guest Review: “Jurassic World” (2015)

Once again, Eric nails it!!! Great review, friend, your weakness for redheads notwithstanding. Also, if you want to know the difference between a pteranadon and a pterodactyl, watch Dinosaur Train. Duh. Everything I learned about dinosaurs, I learned from Tiny, Shiny and Don. And Buddy. My review of "Jurassic World" (2015), with Bryce Dallas HowAreYaDarling.

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I am grateful for …

Tonight, I am grateful for the support I received from friends in my church community who thanked me for writing that post last week, which was so hard to write. Several people told me that it was well written and powerful. Well, thanks. Also that it seems likely that the institution will change, one way… Continue reading I am grateful for …


my day, including a rant about student loans.

So, it turns out that the reason we've been bouncing checks for the past four months is because I was double-paying my student loans. The autopay setup on my bank must have created a new payment instead of editing a current payment, resulting in two payments. Just to be special, however, the autopay made a duplicate… Continue reading my day, including a rant about student loans.