To do lists

From last Thursday, which earned the nickname, “Get Shit Done Day.”

My friend Jamie said that her mother always told her to write “make a list” as the first item of her to-do lists. Then she could feel like she accomplished something right from the get-go.


Actual to-do list I’ve written

I actually had a conversation with the Hubs last night:

Me: “I feel so overwhelmed all the time. I run out of go before I run out of things to do and I’m so sick of it.”

Actually, my opening salvo was, “Are you bothered at all by the piles of clean laundry all over the place?  Are you bothered by all the cat / dog hair in corners? Are you bothered by the mess on the floors?”

His answer was more or less, “Nope.”

We are both running at capacity all the time, and we don’t get a lot of breaks from all the stress. I think I am still affected by postpartum depression and anxiety. I have been having trouble stringing together a few good days in a row, which is so frustrating.

I have also been dealing with two sick children, which is always stressful. I swear on Tuesday, I was so sad and depressed from hearing them cough all day. It was awful.

Before I get too whiney, I would like to say that I accomplished a few things today.

• took the sheets off the bed and put new sheets on, after putting on the mattress pad, which is a huge pain in the ass because it’s a king size bed, and I had to tip it up on its side.
• sweep the floor under the bed. Holy christ, the dust creatures!  Too big to be bunnies. Dust Dinosaurs? (I like alliteration as much as the next gal.)
• threw away piles of dust-covered stuff from under the bed, yay.
• swept the floor of my room.

At this point, the hubs came home and I cried all over the poor guy, again. He agreed to cycle the laundry since he’s going to be downstairs.

• I cooked grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, since we were all home.
• then, folded laundry downstairs for hours, then cooked dinner.
• then ate dinner  (not 2 hours late like last night)
• then cleaned up dinner and swept the floors with my kid. He likes the swiffer, go fig.

I feel like this burst of energy and stuff done is amazing. But of course there is more to do, so much more.  But today’s dent was amazing.