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Quote of the Day, Hemingway

"Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over." - Ernest Hemingway At best, I'm ambivalent about Hemingway. The awesome, booze-soaked Parisian meanderings aside, dude had some serious issues. I read The Sun Also Rises, and Did. Not. Get. It. I remember my English teacher, Ms. Stubbs, asking me, "You knew he… Continue reading Quote of the Day, Hemingway


Dramatis Personae

~ The Cast of Characters, Should you Read my Blog ~ Myself: Now, 43 after my most recent birthday. Vampire old.┬áTheologian. Asthmatic. Married, mother of two precious effing cherubs. Survivor of child sexual assault. Recovering alcoholic with six + years sober. My Superpower is The Laugh. My totem animal is The Moon. When I'm feeling… Continue reading Dramatis Personae