Sturgis & The Doghouse


So, after having a “small” grand mal seizure Friday  night, my husband set out on Saturday morning to go to Sturgis. By “small” grand mal seizure, I mean it wasn’t as bad as it normally is. Like a 5 minute seizure instead of a 10 minute one. Still awful, just less so.

In terms of spiritual lessons I need to learn, the one that keeps coming up for me lately is:  “I cannot control X person, event or thing,” and “I cannot stop X person from doing Y thing.” In Program terms, “I’m powerless over that.”

Can’t make the kid poop on the potty.

Can’t stop my body from getting a cold / stuffy nose.

I can’t stop my husband from having seizures. (I ran into a friend yesterday morning at the grocery store. I told her what happened, and she said, “Yeah, my husband is in the dog house, too.”)

I can’t stop my husband from going to Sturgis, and riding a motorcycle. (His last gran mal seizure was before he bought the bike.) I can work around that: I named his bike, “Buddha,” because it is my spiritual teacher. He calls it, “Betty,” and therefore, “Buddha Betty” it is.

Lots of basic powerlessness happening right now. Lots of not being the Captain of My Own Destiny. Wah wah wah.

Have fun at Sturgis, Hubs. I hope it’s worth it.

See? My introvert husband is right there. (Sturgis Main Street webcam)
See? My introvert husband is right there. (Sturgis Main Street webcam)