Walking in NYC: brief writing sample for Scripted

look at these gorgeous New Yorkers. They'll shank you if you don't follow the walking rules.
Look at these gorgeous New Yorkers. They’ll shank you if you don’t follow the walking rules.

Here’s my audition, if you will.

Prompt:  Write a short insiders guide to New York, NY for a travel site.

New York City is the cultural capital of America, and it can be intimidating to people from smaller places. I lived in NYC for several years, and I learned that New Yorkers will be friendly, even charming, if you follow a few rules.

Rule Number 1: Look where you are going.

New Yorkers have places to go, and they need to get there quickly. Much discomfort – people bumping into you, cussing at you, tripping over you, etc. – can be avoided if you look where you are going as you walk down the street. If you would like to stand and be amazed at the tall buildings, do so on street corners, or while standing in one of the many beautiful parks in NYC. Just don’t look up while you’re walking. It drives New Yorkers nuts.

Rule Number 2: Don’t walk slowly.

See Rule #1 on this one – think of native New Yorkers as racers in a marathon, and yourself as a spectator. Just get out of their way. They’ll be happier and less rude to you, guaranteed.

Rule Number 3: Don’t ask for directions.

New Yorkers hate it when you ask for directions. Remember: The Avenues go North–South, and the Streets go East–West. If you have to walk a few extra blocks to get to your destination, the cardio will be good for you, and your trip will be more relaxed.

Enjoy your stay in the Big Apple. It’s a great place to visit.