Reviews, Spokane News is Weird

Review of Trust Me, I’m Lying & Spokane News is Wierd

Edited to Add: This happened, and Jezebel picked it up. Those Lilac City Roller Girls are badass.

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Ahem: The review.

This review is from a few years ago, but it stands, I  think. Yes, you should read this book. Yes, it is problematic as hell, to think that our media can be manipulated so blithely and adroitly. Yes, the human condition has a short attention span. Squirrel!

I’ve been thinking about media a lot lately, since the Rachel Dolezal media circus.

Aaron Luna is usually not annoying,
Aaron Luna is usually not annoying.

Otherwise not-annoying news announcers were gleefully spitting out, “Spokane has made international news!!!” as though this were something to be proud of. Something to be proud of for its own sake, rather than because Spokane   made international news because we are bizarro world.

Absolutely, this book has influenced my interaction with “news.” Absolutely, Ryan Holiday and Tucker Max are besties, and my husband has this weird fascination with Tucker Max that has never been properly explained to me. But, this book is worth reading.

My Goodreads ReviewTMIL

It was awesome, and troubling, and awesome.

The author’s ambivalence comes through in the second half, where he comments extensively on the meaning and consequences of the manipulations which he has so brilliantly illustrated in the first half.

Great stuff.