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Quote of the Day & musings about birthdays

Me: “What day is it sweetie?”

LG: “December.”

Me: “It’s Friday. What happens on Friday?”

LG: “I go to Granny’s”

I swear this kid is so obsessed with Christmas, his birthday, and getting presents, I just want to go and send him to Plum Village… Tattoo “Things won’t make me happy” backwards on his forehead, so as soon as he learns how to read, he can read that every day. I guess non-attachment as a lifestyle is a bit of a stretch for a four-year old. *sigh*

The Hubs doesn’t help, because the Hubs buys him toys whenever they go to the grocery store. I’m the “mean parent” who only buys food. (It’s total “good cop / bad cop” and maybe I’m sick of being the bad cop…) I don’t give him suckers, either, because I’m the parent who takes him to the dentist. Maybe I feel like I’d be a total pushover if I were the nice parent, and I don’t want to be a total pushover. I should think about that some more.

LG really concerned with when his birthday is coming up next. He’s picking out presents from the newspaper: “I want this for my birthday.”  Trying to explain that he has to wait another half of a year… I don’t know. So we’ve been using The Litany of Whose Birthday is Next: It’s Dadda, then Nana, then cousin Roxie, then Sister! Then Unkie Mathew, then Unkie G. All of  these birthdays before Christmas.

My birthday is in June, and I was always jealous of kids who could have birthday parties at school. *here endeth the whining about that* The workaround in my adult life is that I pretend every year that the 4th of July fireworks are for me. 🙂

So, friends… what do you do to curb the wild, rampant commercialism in your children? What are your birthday workarounds? Let me know.