The Storm of Ought-Fifteen

holy moly.

Spokane has cookoo-bird crazy weather. In ought-eight, we had two feet of snow fall in one day, but last night, we had 71-mph winds in Spokane. The pines which make this place famous have fallen on houses, cars, and streets.

I am hiding in my father-in-law’s house, because they have power.

“Do you have any Jesus candles?” shouted the lady at the grocery store last night. Of course! What a great idea! We bought four Virgin de Guadalupe candles, but when we got home and the power was out, I wish I had bought more.

When the power goes out, you have to spend time with each other. Children go nuts with excitement, and you have to pee in the dark. I always wondered why the water still worked when the power was out when I was a kid! Ha! Different systems…

Anyway. We are safe. It must have been impossible to raise children without television. How did people survive before electricity?

I am profoundly grateful that we have a safe place to stay, and that most everyone I know has checked in and they are safe. Eighty-foot tall pines make a mess when they fall over.

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