Signal Boost: Momastery and Detroit Schools

This post hit me in all the feels. THIS is what Happened in Michigan by Momastery.

Several things:

  • Watch the video about what these kids go through at their school. This is not okay, America.
  • There’s a news article about the conditions.
  • For more information about disparities in our education system, look at Jonathan Kozol, who wrote about the disparities of resource allocation and how the poorest schools have a majority of nonwhite students in his books. Two of his books are: Savage Inequalities and Shame of the Nation.
  • The gospel is supposed to challenge us to live a better, kinder, more Inclusive life. So Glennon just nailed it, speaking from her discomfort the way she did.
  • The inequalities in our country are glaring, and none are more glaring than what is happening in Michigan right now.

This is a quote from Glennon’s article, the part that hit me in the feels:

My faith tells me that the kingdom of God comes to Earth when we treat each other like one family. Like Kin. And I think a family can only be healthy if there’s open dialogue about tough things. I think a family can only be healthy if it’s a safe space to ask questions, to screw up and hurt each other and forgive and try again.

And most importantly—I think a family can only be healthy if all its members are equally valued, cherished, validated, seen and loved. … There is no such thing as other people’s children.

Way to go, Glennon! Way to be brave and kind and challenging us all to live to our best ideals and beliefs. What more can we do for these kids?