cat hair goes with everything

This little aphorism, a favorite of my husband, could have been the title of this blog. Luckily, better angels prevailed.

I had been having trouble justifying my rants on a site that I wanted to use to promote my business, so I decided to migrate all the blog posts over to a different site. Here, the rants may go on forever! I also want to write about our erstwhile political process, because I am passionate about community. Politics on a business website = no no. No. Just like scripture, which also doesn’t belong on a business website.

Here are the things I’d like to write about, in a bulleted list, not in order of importance:

  • theology
  • community
  • being a parent
  • being a mom
  • politics
  • pants size
  • healing
  • books
  • television shows
  • movies
  • the gym, and going to it
  • therapy
  • losing weight
  • America / murika
  • Spokane
  • etc

I realised I had like 400+ tags on my last website, and then I deleted a whole bunch of them, but it turns out that I am interested in quite a lot of things, and that is okay.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the blog. If you’d like to hire me, go to SpokeAnna, my business page.