children’s ER

It’s Sunday, so we must be at the Children’s Emergency Room.

The dedicated professionals make it easier to go, but still, it sucks having a sick baby. This was her third day of having a fever, so the hubs and I decided to take her to the children’s ER.

We didn’t wait at all: they saw us right away. They took us back to a room, and took her temp and vitals. Then the doctor came and checked her out. Listened to her chest, looked in her mouth and ears, while she was wailing. Turns out the ears were the culprit. An ear infection.

So they gave her some children’s ibuprofen, and discharged us. We were in and out within an hour. It makes a huge difference, knowing that we can take her to the ER if she needs to go. I’m grateful for health insurance, for doctors, for all of it.

She’s sleeping now. 🙂 Hope she feels better soon, poor kid.