busy but good day

Today, in keeping with our goal of saving money in order to buy a house, we cleaned out the storage unit that we have been renting since we moved in with Nunkie G in 2013. That will save us $54 per month, which is close to $600 per year. Okay if you insist, I’ll do math. On my phone. $648, jeepers! We’ve already paid for 2 years worth of storage, so that is $1,296 we have paid to store our extra stuff. We could be better using this money to other purposes.

The hubs is not sentimental about stuff: his motto, like my mother, is “Get rid of it!” Even if something once had sentimental value to him, if it was in our storage shed, it got tossed or donated to Goodwill today.

I guess I get a little “less than sentimental” when I have to move. Mom’s rule of moving is thirds: throw away 1/3 of your stuff; give away 1/3 of your stuff; keep the last 1/3 of your stuff. It’s not a bad rule. If you move around a lot, though, that could mean you should throw/give away more than you want. Anyway. We threw away stuff today; we gave away stuff today, and we kept some. Now that it’s all at home, we’ll be saving some serious money. Good for us.

That was this morning. Then I got my hair done, YAY! I look cute, don’t you think? 12931056_10209613620684278_6538186301468898239_n

Then I put the Girlie to sleep with my Magic Boobies, and then my son and I planted seeds for our flower beds. I’d post pictures of that, too, but planted seeds don’t really show up under the dirt that you’re supposed to put on top of them, eh? My son is obsessed with water – he wants to play in water all the time, so he was pretty happy when he got to water the plants.

I am sentimental about stuff: I am very sentimental about stuff. I am not, per se, a hoarder, although if you looked at my desk right now you might call me one, you meanie. I just have moved around so much that what “home” means is a few specific things. The stuff of home is knicknacks, reminders, the way a picture looks in the sunlight when it’s hung on the wall, the books on bookshelves.

Books: I hate to give away books, and I hardly ever throw them away. Mostly, I keep them, even if I haven’t read them yet, or if I should read them, but I’m not really that interested in reading them. Or I should have read them, but I haven’t yet. You see what I mean. Also, the books I have read and loved have earned a permanent space in my heart, life, and bookshelves. My husband absolutely doesn’t understand  this. He has a Kindle, and he reads books that way, but I love the feel of a book in my hand, and turning the pages. The way they smell and the way they feel. I love books. Even if I ever go completely to digital books, I will keep the books I have on their shelves. A house doesn’t look right without books.

Now, I’m going to sit back and watch Outlander and Orphan Black tonight! I’m so excited!