post-sinus surgery

On Friday, I had sinus surgery again, my third.

So it turns out that if you have allergies, that causes inflammation, and your body responds to chronic inflammation by creating these polyps. Anyway, there was a walnut-sized polyp in one of my sinuses, and then another polyp was blocking the upper (ethmoid) sinus, and when that was removed, there was a flood of mucosa (which is a fancy word for snot). That’s all I really know right now.

I will have my first of three post-op sessions with the doctor on Thursday, and I will have more information then about what he removed from my sinuses, and how awful it was. And how, once he got up there in my nose to discover such a mess, he shouted, “Aw, it’s on like Donkey Kong!” before removing all of these nasal-blocking polyps.

(He’s a pretty mild-mannered doctor. He might have only said that in his head.)

Right now, I have this muddyness of brain. I know that’s not a word: muddyness. Oh well. It is taking all of my concentration to type words and spell them properly.

Recovering from surgery is a lot like having a cold or a flu: you’re sort of achy all over, you want to nap all the time, you have to push fluids, and everything annoys you. At least, that’s what it is like for me.

I can breathe through my nose, though, for the first time in years. I feel like a new person: a tired, achy, sweaty person, but new nonetheless.

Over the weekend, I finished The Atlantis Gene and The Queen’s Poisoner on the Kindle. I started Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts and I’m about two-thirds of the way through that. Nora, I wish I knew how to quit you. I am in awe of her literary prowess: she’s got hundreds of books published, hundreds! Anyway. Reviews will probably follow.

I have been posting my progress on Facebook, but I thought a more detailed version of events might be posted here. Love to you, friends. What is good in your world today?