you guys, my blog is hilarious!

In preparation for a job interview, I was looking over my blog to see if there was a post I could use as a writing sample. Nope. Too many cuss words / too much snark. But you guys, my blog is amazing. I’m really happy with it, even if I haven’t been sharing much lately.

I did say that I have a job interview tomorrow. I’m excited about it. I’m hoping that it will give me an opportunity to show off my mad content marketing skills, and if I get the job, it would be steady, which would be ideal. I don’t want to jinx it by sharing too many details, but please know that I’m excited.

I’ve not blogged lately because I was searching for ways to describe what was going on and not wanting to share the details publicly. Things like I had a severe bout of depression and anxiety over this past summer, that I didn’t want to share. I was barely keeping it together. Now is the time when I usually go into depression – dread for the holiday season, really – but this summer, it hit me like a tidal wave. I am better now. I am ready to face the holidays. Recently I realized that the reason I shop for new calendars every October is because I want to entirely skip November and December. Alas, this is not possible!

LG and Vero have started school, and I’m just used to getting them off to school weekday mornings. School is a blessing! I’m so grateful for school!

mmm… what else? That’s about it.

Wish me luck / good juju / mad presentation skills.

Read some of my reviews – they’re hilarious. I want to blog more regularly. I’m grateful to have friends in my life who care about me and want regular updates. Kisses, friends!