Third Tuesday, We Hardly Knew Ye

Last night was the final Third Tuesday Spokane, a networking event I have come to love.

I’ve been going to Third Tuesday for over a year. At first, I was intimidated by all the shiny new people, and how they were standing around laughing at jokes or just looking fabulous, talking to each other. But as I met a few people, they introduced me to a few more, and I began to look forward to Third Tuesdays.

A few of us were talking last night about how Third Tuesday was like a “high school reunion.”
“But,” I interjected, “I don’t want to see any of those people I went to high school with ever again! I actually like you guys!”

Amid the chuckles, a friend shared that the person who bullied her in high school tried to friend her on Facebook, and got offended when she declined, offering a long rebuttal.

“Were you there? In high school? Were you there when you were bullying me? NO! I’m not going to be your friend on Facebook!” A stronger refusal was suggested, which involved cuss words, so it won’t be repeated here.

This led to an energetic discussion of people who we didn’t like in high school trying to friend us on Facebook: “No. Some of those people are dubious! They were awful then and they’re awful now!”

I was able to interject, “I’d hate to be judged on my behavior during the most awkward, anxious time of my life. I was so annoying I was difficult to be around! Not like now, when I’m a joy to be around at all times.”
That got a few laughs.
Friends, there are so few places to gather with wonderful people and laugh and reminisce and tell jokes about yourself. Third Tuesday Spokane was one of those places.
The author (middle) doing the Charlie's Angels pose with two friends at Third Tuesday Spokane. 

RIP Third Tuesday, we hardly knew you.