How to Write a Statement of Faith

Since my most popular post of all time is a brief statement of faith, I thought I would design a post that would be helpful to people who need to write a faith statement. (The most important part, of course, is figuring out what you believe, but I can’t really help you with that.)

Follow the prompts and then at the end, you will have something that resembles a faith statement. Faith statements are called “credos.” “Credo” is a word that means “I believe,” from the Latin.

When you are developing your faith statement, consider what you believe:

  • What is the nature of God? What is God’s relationship to humanity? (Theology)
  • What is the nature of salvation? How is humanity saved? (Soteriology)
  • What is the nature of Christ? What do you believe about Jesus?  (Christology)
  • The Bible: What do you believe about the Bible? (Bibliology)
  • How does God reveal godself to the universe? (Revelation)
  • How do your beliefs inform your life?


A word of caution: if you’re applying to an organization which requires a faith statement, you might want to see if they have any requirements. (For example, some organizations have a requirement that you profess that “Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.”)