tax return & buying a house

Once a year, we get to decide what we spend out tax return on. The Hubs and I get a certain amount of “fuck-off money,” which we take out first. Then we decide where the majority of the money is going.

I’ve been fantasizing about paying off debt. Getting a plan to pay off debt. Using the tax return to jump start the paying off debt process. It’s not that we are lazy or incompetent; it is just that we haven’t had a good system of paying off bills according to our pay checks. It’s just that we are not organized and disciplined as much as we ought to be.

In one big event of math, I finally put down all our bills and categorized them by what paycheck we should pay them with; in an excel document. We basically get paid every week, and we just need to allocate certain bills to certain pay dates and automate it. In the same big event of math, I calculated a way for us to use the tax return, and then pay $50 to $75 per month on the debt and then we can be out of debt by December. Being a theology major, the one big event of math sort of bent my brain a little bit, but I think it is a plan we can work with.

The reason why we need to get out of debt is because we are buying a house this year. With or without Nunkie G, we are going to buy a house. This is a big deal. Where we live with Nunkie G is a house that has been in the hub’s family for 50+ years, and Hub’s mom (MIL if you’re keeping up/Nunkie G’s sister) wants us to buy the house that we are living in. But it depends on many factors, including our debt to income ratio; our credit scores; etc. It also depends on whether or not we can afford it, which we won’t really know until we get out of debt. T[he house needs a lot of TLS, which my husband can do. He’s very handy. I can paint and decorate. 🙂

The hubs has spent his fuck-off money, some before even getting our tax return. He wants stuff for his motorcycle. I can’t decide what my fuck-off money should go toward. Maybe a new computer? Maybe some clothes? I’m not sure. I’m happier with it just sitting there.

We are definitely buying a new mattress, hooray. It will be delivered Friday. I’m happy about that.