can you be a writer without a blog?

Did Steinbeck have a blog? Did Hemingway have a blog? Did Anais Nin have a blog?
They were all writers, of course, and I think what they kept were journals.
The difference between a journal and a blog is that a journal would be considered “private,” whereas a blog is something that is out in the open on the internet, where anyone can see it.
Of course, I keep a journal, of rather mundane things, it turns out. But that journal is hand-written and private. Private. You can tell from the pictures in the blog that I do have a love of fountain pens. Yes, I am a pen snob. I come by it honestly, ananis nin toastingto be sure.
I wonder if one of the differences between the writers who didn’t blog and the writers who do blog, is one of privacy: the internet has erased or obscured so many boundaries which used to be sacrosanct in our culture.
The interior life is more often a life lived in Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagrams, and Pinterest pins, than a life lived in introspection and solitude.
Would Thomas Merton blog? or Tweet? The very idea is simply absurd. But he did write, and well, and often.
Here’s to how the craft is changing.
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