bio blurb for an awesome thing

Hi there!

head shot cropped
headshot (with dimples)

So this pretty awesome thing is happening. Some friends of mine have started a business selling self-care subscription boxes. They are awesome, filled with self-care goodness, and they acknowledge that self-care is holy work. I could go on about it for days. The thing is, they wanted to use one of my blog posts for their magazine!

This is a great honor:

  • A: that someone read my blog;
  • B: that they want to use my article; and
  • C: they even want to pay me!

Everybody wins, especially me!

The boxes haven’t come out yet, and I am not sure if any of this is public. So that’s why I haven’t revealed the name of the company, etc.

BUT they asked me to write a bio, and this I can share. Cause it’s about me! (it’s all about me!)

Bio for ABC Company Magazine:

Wife, mother, theologian, pen snob. Anna has lived in Spokane, WA, for the past ten years, and finds the coffee in the Pacific Northwest to be entirely acceptable. She lives with her husband and two children, three cats and a dog. She finds housework awful, and recently decided that matching socks for the children was simply beyond her scope.

Anna had a confusing childhood, growing up in the Midwest in a strict religious tradition. Later, it was revealed that her mom is bi-polar and her dad is gay, and they were each trying to keep their own secrets from each other their whole marriage. Naturally, Anna is a writer.

Anna is a recovering alcoholic, as well as a child sexual abuse survivor. Anna has earned from Union Theological Seminary a Master of Divinity, a title which she finds hilarious (who can master the divine?). Anna believes in therapy and the healing process for any trauma. Anna has lived all over the country, and she is grateful to have some roots and a home in Spokane. Anna blogs at and would love to hear from the ABC Company Community.