Review: The Huntress by Kate Quinn

The Huntress

The Huntress by Kate Quinn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t often read historical fiction, for several reasons I’m not willing to explore in this review.

This book is set between alternating worlds of four sets of main characters: one is an escaped Nazi war criminal who disappears, another set is the group of people who are trying to hunt her, another is a Russian pilot in the Women’s Pilot Brigade, and another is a teenage girl and her father.

Several parts of the book were fascinating: the pursuit of justice which engages the Nazi hunters; the whole plot line of a female pilot in the Russian Army; the way the Nazi reinvents herself as a 1950’s housewife; and the teenage girl with a camera and a fiery intellect.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Russian Women pilots of World War II, and the novel really brings these women to life. This article explains quite a bit about that.

That being said, the book was about 50 pages too long. A few trims and nips might have done the trick. It dragged in places. Overall, the characters were engaging and real, and It was a great read.

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