Abstract Paiting by Amber Lamoreaux

Update on The (Fall 2019) Artist’s Way Class

We have been playing together for almost 6 weeks now. The group has gelled into a safe space where the participants can share about what is going on with their lives, as well as their struggles with the material.

So much of adult education can be summed up with the pithy aphorism, “You are your own curriculum.” So, each artist in the class is bringing their struggles, their doubts, their victories! It is so beautiful to watch this unfolding. Chastising never works as motivation: all learning comes from an invitation to joy. “Come play!

Part of each meeting we have together is free play. This is the part that I most look forward to! We have played with markers, pastels, Zentangle, collage, and prayer flags.

Creating time and space for play has been transformative for me. Several weeks in a row, I have rolled over when the Monday morning alarm rang, full of “nope” and prepared for a slog. Then, I remembered, “Artist’s Way Day!” and I jumped out of bed with passion, purpose, and excitement. For this alone, I give thanks!

Here are some creations we have made.

prayer flags made in the artist's way class

I have permission to share this from the creator, Gwen.
Prayer flags come from the Buddhist tradition. We played with fabric donated from a friend whose auntie died and left her with all this quilting fabric. The gift keeps on moving where it needs to go.

Here are some collages I have made. The blue ones come from my Artist’s Date at Spark Central. So fun!

collages by Anna