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Ya Wan A Curry? & Scale of Spice Tolerance

I am a part of the UU church here in Spokane, and there’s a program at the church called “Circle Suppers,” which aims to have people get together over a shared meal, thereby deepening friendships and forming new connections. I am the coordinator of the supper for folk with children and we meet at the church. So far, it’s been really fun. For this last meeting, I offered this scale of spice tolerance, and I think it’s pretty clever. Enjoy.

Hi all! I dated this British guy for a while after I moved to Spokane, and he was always asking me this question: “ya wanna curry?” I will admit, I had never really had curry, but after he asked me this every three days, I relented. It was quite good! 

There is one thing: I am a pansy when it comes to really spicy things. I would like to propose a Spice Tolerance Scale: 

  • Blandy Boring Belly (1/10)
  • Pansy Mild Spice (3/10)
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot (5/10) 
  • Bravebelly (7/10)
  • Wild Adventurer/ World Traveler/ Bowel of Iron (10/10)

Rate yourself and let the rest of us know as well. Remember to make spices gluten-free if/when you can.

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pretty spices, yummy spices!