a little art by yours truly

Hey! So one of the things that has been surprisingly helpful during this quarantine time has been moving some color across the page or canvas.

One of my circle sisters, Diane Sherman, has been hosting an Open Studio zoom class every Sunday since April. (She is taking the summer off of hosting Open Studio, but will have several other offerings coming soon.)

I was so inspired by the Open Studio, that I signed up for a class called Zen to Paper Primer, which is offered free of charge until the end of May (so sign up soon!)

I have long thought of myself as a writer, but not necessarily an artist. The word “artist” brings up a lot of wonderful stuff, but also a lot of ambivalence. (I know this is dumb, but I think of “starving artists” and wonder if I’m eating too much, which brings up a cascade of shame spirals, one after the other. Then, I feel like I should be living a profoundly different life – like artists live so differently than the rest of us. This from me, who taught The Artist’s Way Class last fall. I know. It’s bullshit.)

I will say that the last two weeks of March were nigh pure agony – there was so much uncertainty, fear, and confusion just floating in the air, in my life, and on the news – that I had some real trouble with anxiety and emotional regulation. The first Open Studio took place on April 6 and getting some of that raw feeling out of myself and onto the page helped me turn a corner into mental wellness.

Each week, a group of women gathered to explore and share. Diane lit a candle and asked us to share an intention for our time together. My intention, most often, was “to play.” St. Brene says we need to play in The Gifts of Imperfection, so I’ve been intentional about play since I read that book several years ago. Enjoy.