about me

woman standing on bridge

I am a wife and mother, priestess and pagan, theologian and pen snob.

I am ordained in the pagan traditions, and my ministry helps people who have a need for spiritual direction, ritual, art, or clearing away the wreckage of the past.

I earned a Master’s of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, a title I find hilarious: Who can master the divine? At Union, I studied ritual, worship, and the arts. I also have a Bachelor’s in English and Theatre Arts from Mary Washington College.

I have completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), both in Spokane, WA.  I completed an Apprenticeship Program of a Year and a Day with the WomanWheel Community in New York City.

I have lived in Spokane, WA, for the past fourteen years, and there are many things I love about the Pacific Northwest. The coffee is very good. Having lived all over the country, I am grateful to have some roots and a home.

I live with my husband and two children, and a cat and a dog. I find housework awful and boring, and I recently decided that matching socks for the children was simply beyond my scope.

I had a confusing childhood, growing up in the Midwest in a strict religious tradition. Later, it was revealed that my mom is bipolar and my dad is gay, and they were each trying to keep their own secrets from each other throughout their whole marriage. Naturally, I am a writer: a person who can embrace contradictions.

I am a recovering alcoholic with 10 + years sober, as well as a child sexual abuse survivor. I live with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I have a whole swath of Team Anna People who embrace that mental illness is real; who understand that mental illness must be met with honesty and compassion; and, who grasp that even though all we can be is human, there is much beauty and grace yet. Team Anna People let me cry all over their nice clothes, put me back together, and tell me that I’m not a complete failure as a human being. I believe in therapy and the healing process for any trauma. 

I find joy, meaning, and connection by being part of a community. I am an active member of the newly forming congregation in Spokane called “Soul Weaving” or “NUU” for now. I am a devoted Goddess in the Full Moon Goddess Circle. I also attend several recovery meetings, including Dharma Recovery at Souls Center in Kendall Yards.

I find much comfort in humor: “eat your food/wear your food,” is a beloved motto. I also deeply value inclusion, diversity, and community building. Most of all, I am so grateful for the many gifts of warmth, kindness, friendship, and humor in my life.

For all that has come, Thanks! For all that is to come, Yes!