about me

My name is Anna Marie Martin and my company’s name is SpokeAnna. Spokane has been my home for the past sixteen years. In my small business, I focus on content strategy, brand refreshes, and grant writing. My background in both social benefit and corporate settings has given me a variety of skills, including grant writing, content marketing, writing, editing, website design and maintenance, and coordinating volunteers, projects, and events. 

For over eighteen months, I have provided outreach, support, and technical assistance to nonprofits and business owners who have been struggling to navigate the maze of assistance that has sprung up to meet the challenges we face as a result of the COVID-19 economic crisis. I have assisted hundreds of business owners, helping them apply for state, city, and federal grant monies. I have worked with nonprofits to apply for grants from local, state, federal, and private funding sources.  

I’m passionate about inclusion, diversity, storytelling, and community building. I love letting life’s contradictions unfold into something beautiful. I look forward to supporting you through this journey we call entrepreneurship.