Five Questions for Entrepreneurs – Ted Schmidt, ActionCOACH

I want to thank Ted Schmidt for graciously agreeing to be the first interviewee for my new series, Five Questions for Entrepreneurs. He has a wealth of information and insight about how businesses grow and become profitable.     Pre-interview snippet: Anna: “You have the cleanest desk I think I’ve ever seen.” Ted: “When I... Continue Reading →

Five Questions for Entrepreneurs – The Series

One thing I value greatly is listening to people’s stories. People have a wealth of information and insight. Creating opportunities to be seen and heard in our noise-filled culture is valuable work. One thing that I’ve noticed as an entrepreneur, is that it can be difficult to develop relationships with other entrepreneurs – isolation can... Continue Reading →

Marketing by Generation with Neil Patel

In this article, "How to Reach Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials with Your Online Marketing," Neil Patel explains how to reach each generation using different tactics and strategies. He argues that it makes sense to segment your marketing efforts by generation, especially if you have a product or service which would appeal to multiple generations. A few surprises:... Continue Reading →

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