Here are a few projects I’ve worked on. The business owners have given me permission to share their websites.


Emily Fisher Photography

Emily had not done a brand or website refresh since she started her business for four years prior to working with me. I interviewed her to get a better sense of where she was going with her business, then I got to work. I reworked some of the content that was already on her website, and then wrote new content for several new pages. I made recommendations for how Emily should brand her photography as an investment for years to come, one of the main themes of the website. I made several suggestions for content, usability, and SEO. Once the content was approved, I uploaded it onto her website.

All photographs on the site are Emily’s work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Moved by compassion and a desire to help others, April started her new business, Hip-Help, in 2015. April knew she needed a website, and had no experience creating one. She hired me to write the content for her website. I interviewed her to get a sense of her business, her strongest characteristics, and her goals for her website. I wrote the content for all of the pages and sidebars for her website. Once the content was approved, April’s developer uploaded it on the new website.

April helps people prepare for and recover from knee and hip surgery.


One of the entries from my blog was selected by the owners of the self-care subscription box service, HavenTree. This article, Lessons from the Y, was in their first issue of Cultivate, the magazine that accompanies the self-care box.

While I was an AmeriCorps volunteer at The Fig Tree, an ecumenical newspaper in Spokane, WA, I wrote a few feature articles.

One article is about Hoopfest and Rick Steltenpohl, who was the Executive Director at the time. Hoopfest claims to be the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the world, but it is also a nonprofit which does a lot of good in the Spokane community. The year I wrote the article was their 20th anniversary. I was deeply impressed by Rick Steltenphol, who has since left Hoopfest, but is still a business leader in Spokane.

Another article is about Scott Ellis and Blue Button, a silk screening shop in Spokane. I was deeply impressed with Scott’s commitment to teaching high school kids a marketable skill, as well as the exclusive use of sustainably-sourced products.