Content Strategy

Content Strategy is “Getting the right content to the right user at the right time through strategic planning of content creation, delivery, and governance.”(Source)

Content Strategy goes across channels, including your blog, social media accounts, and printed materials to give your customers and potential clients the information they need when they need it.

Elements of a Content Strategy:

  • Research: Keyword research
  • Competitor Research: How do your competitors structure their websites? What information do they present? Is it easy to find?
  • Content Audit: What do you have on your website now?
  • Set Goals and Objectives: Increase traffic? New landing pages? Campaigns?
  • Ideal Customer Research: How does your ideal customer interact with your website? What questions does your ideal customer have? Are those questions answered on your website?
  • Brainstorm Ideas for Content Which Needs to be Created / Curated / Removed from Site: Looking at your ideal customer’s needs and the content audit, what new content needs to be generated or removed?
  • Editorial Calendar: Plan your posts and channels with an editorial calendar. I use this one from HubSpot.
  • A timeframe for reevaluation: When are we going to check back and see if our strategy is working?

When I work with clients to develop a content strategy, I listen to their dreams and goals for their website, and I help them create a plan to make those goals a reality. A good content strategy functions as a living document which unifies all the marketing efforts of a company. Companies that have a documented content strategy are “more effective in nearly all aspects of content marketing than their peers who either have a verbal-only strategy or no strategy at all.” (Source)

What do you want to achieve with your business website? What strategies will help you achieve those goals? How can I help?