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“It puts the skirt on the Jack,” and other cuckoo-bird, idiosyncratic sayings my family is fond of.

Speaking of other strange expressions during card games, my brother is quite fond of saying, "in the catbird seat." This is based on a short story of the same name by James Thurber, which appeared in the November 14, 1942 edition of The New Yorker. I remember reading this story at a young-ish age, possibly in high school, and having exactly no idea what it was about. The definition of the phrase, as narrated in the story, provided little insight: "'Tearing up the pea patch' meant going on a rampage; 'sitting in the catbird seat' means sitting pretty, like a batter with three balls and no strikes on him."


Dramatis Personae

~ The Cast of Characters, Should you Read my Blog ~ Myself: Now, 43 after my most recent birthday. Vampire old. Theologian. Asthmatic. Married, mother of two precious effing cherubs. Survivor of child sexual assault. Recovering alcoholic with six + years sober. My Superpower is The Laugh. My totem animal is The Moon. When I'm feeling… Continue reading Dramatis Personae